38 years of experience guided by three strategic lines: development of human resources, innovation and internationalization


Over 3 decades of innovation and experience in the bakery, pastry and ice cream professional market and HO.RE.CA.. A division dedicated to the design and manufacture of a complete range of polyethylene and polypropylene containers for the food industry and other segments such as chemical / pharmaceutical, automotive and integrated logistics. Not only. For 10 years even in the household sector with objects and solutions with the PAVONIDEA® brand, previously tested and used in the professional market by the best chefs and pastry chefs in the world. 

About 6,000 items in range and 20,500 m2 of company in Suisio, in the province of Bergamo. These are the numbers PAVONI ITALIA®, which bases its steady growth on three main strategies: the development of human resources, innovation and internationalization in the creation of a wide and comprehensive range of products designed to meet customer requirements, beautiful and well made with optimal value for money.

38 years of history

6.000 items available

A 20.500 smq factory

12.000 customers worldwide

70% revenues abroad

The important reputation PAVONI ITALIA® enjoys on the market for fairness and transparency in the management of the business has been further strengthened with the achievement of the ISO 9001: 2008 certification placing it among the first companies that have engaged in a system of certification in its sector of belonging.

The company employs qualified professionals to design, consulting and production, and has developed an extensive distribution network that enables an innovative and creative approach to the market, to find new commercial outlets.

Pavoni headquarter Suisio

The combination of high quality standards at all stages, from design to marketing, allowing the satisfaction of new orders respecting the highest levels of quality and timing required by the market.

PAVONI ITALIA® has distributors throughout the world; particularly in Europe, Middle East and USA, but it is also present in Far East and Australia. About 70% of turnover is generated abroad.