You're born Pavoni and you grow Pavoni

PAVONI ITALIA® was founded in 1980 by Maurizio Pavoni. Within a few years the company specialized and takes a leading role in the pastry and bakery sectors. The PAVONIDEA® brand was born in the late '90s and expands the Pavoni's horizons, bringing it to position itself with authority in the houseware sector, where soon imposes itself with an image of freshness and practicality and identity closely linked to the design and innovation. In 2000, the owner Maurizio Pavoni decides to target the company's own efforts of an innovative product: molds for cake baking and freezing made in silicone. Initially designed for the professional sector (chefs and pastry chefs), the product is also offered to the consumer, through the channels of mass distribution, the sale catalog, wholesalers and shops.
Until 2000, 100% of the revenues derived from the production of crates, small machines and equipment for bakeries, pasta factories and small workshops. Today the PAVONI ITALIA® silicone molding production is a plus, so that it accounts for 30% of sales.

Pavoni is born from bread

making bread baskets

in the Italy in the seventies

Pavoni grows in the cake design

signed by a new era of made in Italy products

our story is that of all people,

respect for daily bread, yet

man does not live by bread alone!

Creativity is born

in the kitchen, of


extract from the poem by Leone Belotti

Our work is driven by our passion for creating increasingly beautiful and functional products. We want to give our customers better tools to realise their dreams and meet their expectations


The year of foudation of PAVONI ITALIA®, a company operating in the sector of accessories and machinery for the bakery industry


The first patents filed were for the production of baskets and containers for food and for a double stacking system


Production of a new range of professional machines for pastry and industry, Le Pavoni


Launch of the PAVONIDEA® brand, dedicated to the design and manufacture of food-grade silicone moulds and accessories for the household sector


The range of silicone tools expands with beautiful and efficient kitchen accessories 


Creation of the Special Day line, dedicated to Cake Design, a new challenge, so much satisfaction


A new sudsidary based in New York, with a warehouse and logistics hub in New Jersey


Sponsor of Davide Comaschi who won the title of World Chocolate Masters, and for which the company created ad hoc the custom mold cake winner

Eataly NY chooses Pavoni Italia® as a partner for Italian quality and attractive design


Pavoni Italia® and Gianluca Fusto feature the innovative PROGETTO CROSTATE, a new way of conceiving the tart


Launch of the line of silicone molds for cakes "Le torte di Emmanuele" in collaboration with the World Champion Pastry Emmanuele Forcone


A dish that made history has been transformed into a unique praline.
PAVONI ITALIA® and Massimo Bottura: here the silkscreen “Camouflage: a hare in the woods”



PAVONI ITALIA® winks at the restauration with Gourmand, F'OOD and Formasil innovative moulds


International collaborations for new lines of chocolate moulds

Bonbons Bachour

Here you are Bonbons by Antonio Bachour, Heart design with Davide Comaschi, Iconic with Fabrizio Fiorani