At the end of the 1990s with the creation of a new line of silicone moulds and accessories, PAVONI ITALIA®  faces a new challenge, a new successful division of the company. The thoroughly tested, highperformance professional utensil becomes beautiful too, able to tell a story and take its place in the kitchens of every kind of user. PAVONIDEA® silicone is now a presence: it’s offered as stylish and contemporary, with winning shapes, convenience and practicality. The kind of cooking that has won out in society needs new tools to facilitate and speed up its various stages, making it easy, within reach and visually appealing. Food means cooking as sharing, a global experience and a story, without neglecting essential elements such as nutrition, hygiene and practicality.

Household items are called upon to be efficient, effective, healthy and to tell a story, products that keep us company and move us. Pavoni Italia’s household items represent all of this.

Each PAVONIDEA® mold is initially tested not only within the company but also by a group of passionate cooks who form the group of Food Blogger. From the collaboration with them, that enjoy every day of their life with imaginative recipes, it come to life many new ideas on how to use our molds. A selection of their recipes will appear on special online recipe theme, so a special thanks to them for their dedication and commitment they demonstrate every day.

Each product is sold with instructions for use and a recipe book, to suggest to the end customer the first recipes to make with his new mold. Even the stage design and the creation of recipes engage the professional protagonists of the cuisine, which help with their suggestions to further improve the products, to ensure that arrive in your homes only the best of PAVONIDEA® production.