Pavoni Industry


For over 35 years, PAVONI ITALIA® has been producing a complete range of polyethylene and polypropylene containers in its factory in Suisio (BG) for the bread and pastry making industry and food industry in general. The injection moulding line guarantees extreme quality and precision, combined with production performances that allow producing over 1.5 million pieces per annum, for a total of 2000 tonnes of raw material transformed.

The PAVONI ITALIA® containers come in various sizes and heights to meet diverse needs, ensuring durability, ease of handling and high levels of hygiene. The extreme quality and engineering of our production capacity allows us to create containers in a variety of colors and customize them with your own brand.

Products designed to contain and transport any type of food, but that can also serve the chemical / pharmaceutical, logistics, automotive and transportation industry, the PAVONI ITALIA®''s range includes Plastic crates, Thermal containers, Dishwasher racks, Tanks and boxes, Pallets and Ecological containers. 

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Pavoni Contenitori Industria