Innovation is the pinch of salt in our work


PAVONI ITALIA®’s historic activity is making plastic containers, moulds, accessories, equipment and small machines for bread-making and confectionery. This field of activity has created a large body of knowledge and experience. It was a great “idea” for us thinking that this patrimony of values could not be wasted. Indeed it could be the start of a new line dedicated to those keen on cooking, but not professional, who desired quality products, already widely tested for their effectiveness. This is why we create PAVONIDEA®.

Attention to cultural changes is the thermometer for emotions and needs that PAVONI ITALIA® intends to satisfy.

Pavoni Innovation

PAVONI ITALIA® proceeds joyfully and effectively with its work, research and designing new products, but is aware that the world around it has truly undergone great change in the last few years.


Progress and a global crisis dictate different choices, marked by greater awareness. Above all, a great need for sharing and socialising has emerged within society. The economic and media boom in the world of food and cooking acts both as champion and witness to this phenomenon. This is why those who produce and research new products in this area must be very attentive to the human value of empathy. Similarly and for the same reasons of sharing, the health of our choices and consequent nutritional quality of the products that come into contact with food are coming under ever greater scrutiny. Staying faithful to a vocation as producer is becoming incredibly demanding. It is, however, certainly more stimulating and extends beyond the boundaries of mere use to the much more wide-ranging and important field of global human well-being. PAVONI ITALIA®’s items represent all of this.

PAVONI ITALIA® has also an “Engineering Department” able to custom design any of our items to suit individual customers requirements.

The Pavoni Engineering Department puts at its clients’ disposal the following advantages; project feasibility production processes, equipment and cost analysis, material choice according to the purchasers’ specifications, offering a complete service from the initial idea to the item production.

Project feasibility 
The Pavoni Engineering Department provides and studies the manufacturing process of a product: machines, different technical needs, design and a real production cost.
After this careful analysis the Pavoni Engineering Department plans production facilities, in order to obtain the best result with the lowest production costs.

Cost Analysis and Manufacturing Processes 
Being able to provide the customer with a complete project, with a clear costs analysis, means transparency.
The Pavoni Engineering Department follows the manufacturing phases continuously checking the costs of the final product, modifies it to increase its performances being aware that the basis of a good business relationship is the quality-price relation.

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