Pavoni Professional


PAVONI ITALIA® has a wide range of items for the world of pastry, restaurant and ice cream professional.

The strong point are the professional silicone molds, which includes around 50 forms from single portions to mignon and cake, evolving and already restyled according to the different market trends.

In particular, in 2016 it has been launched a new Pavoflex line in format 400x300 mm, in several types of shapes with a very natural design, simple, in a pure style of less is more. Also in 2016 it has been created an innovative cake mould product line, signed by world champion Emmanuele Forcone, with an extremely tridimensional look with great impact.

Great attention is given to the world of chocolate, with polycarbonate molds for pralines and thermoformed, extrathin chocolate of various type in blisters, special and particularly creative subjects intended for a variety of audiences.

And more: ice cream moulds, for sticks and biscuit, from Gelati&Co line; the silicone world by PAVONI ITALIA® includes also pads for cake decoration, for baking and freezing, as well as for artistic sugar work. 

PAVONI ITALIA® presents also a line of products in constant evolution related to the world of sugar art and cake design: the Special Day line for decoration tools, colors and food preparations facilitates the exceptional work of the professional.

PAVONI ITALIA® equipment represents everything is necessary to the Pastry Experteer, always in step with the times and receptive to the new market trends, from professional cutter and plates, grates for decorations, silk screens, stand for monumental and raised cakes, up to different types of trucks, Teflon pans and much more.

Artisanal mould for chocolate Pavoni

PAVONI ITALIA® produces also Le Pavoni, a complete and modern range of small machines and appliances suitable for professionals, craftsmen and industries. Well know thanks to their reliability, Le Pavoni get more and more bettered by new technical features to offer high quality, really efficient and late lasting machines. They are simple and practical. Each machine has been designed according to the users’ needs in order to solve all their requirements. Tools basically studied to improve the business of the final users saving time and labour. Each machine is subjected to rigorous tests in fulfilment of internal manufacturing quality standards, complying with standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

PAVONI ITALIA® has created a few years ago at a small series of books for professionals. All the wonderful books from “Pavoni Edizioni” have been conceived not only for a simple reading but they are considered tools for everyday work. They are also a way to improve one’s culture and grow up professionally. Each book is full of historical reflections, anecdotes, hints and of course recipes that come from our collaborations with pastry professionals; a lot of precious suggestions to use in order to stir one’s imagination.

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