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Many resources have been set aside for quality control in planning, manufacturing and testing before final delivery.
In order to identify new products and customers, PAVONI ITALIA® has developed a spread distribution system allowing an innovative and resourceful approach to the market. We pay close attention to the creation and introduction of new ranges, to the best quality – price ratio. 

We believe that Total Quality, monitoring of the company processes and continuous personnel training are distinguishing elements capable of adding real value to the product, with the aim of continually improving the company performances in order to meet the customers’ needs. All PAVONI ITALIA®’s company processes are monitored, included in the Corporate Quality Management System and validated by periodic audits. To grant the conformity of items introduced in the market, Pavoni Italia acts in accordance to precise norm prescriptions and to voluntary operation standards which let the realization of products suitable to the direct contact with food, nevertheless to the total control of toxicological risk.

The raw material used is certified, comply to law existing standards related to food contact norms and coming from qualified suppliers. The entire production process and finished product stock are created to handle loop productions, in compliance with specific management procedures of Lean Production, in a space where the working people operate under strict Total Quality Control. The quality product treatment, its validation, the reduction of equipment machinery timing, assembling lines, our Warehouse answer time, are some of the main operative methods which let us to act J.I.T. (Just in time), with the advantage to serve the client quickly and precisely.

The conformity of finished product is granted from the compliance to Reg. CE 2023/2006, related to G.M.P. (Good Manufacturing Practices) of department . The working environment sanitation, specific Department Operative Instructions, Action Plan to fight against physical, chemical and biological contamination, rigid hygienic prescriptions upon people, places, plants, are our Guidelines to make products comply to European Norm (Reg. CE 1935/2004 e Reg. CE 10/2011). Our Quality Policy has a unique focus: the customer satisfaction which we achieve through the Total Certified TUV Rheinland.

Pavoni production

Silicone, at the service of practical, creative and safe cooking


The Silicone materials family comprises synthetic compounds with hundreds of uses, and they have been used for over 20 years in professional kitchens, with thousands of different applications. Silicones are polymers and depending on their chain length, branches and functional groups, they can be used to produce numerous materials with a wide range of characteristics and consistencies: liquid, gel, resin and lastly elastomers.

These compounds differ not only in their form, but also in their substance, as PAVONI ITALIA® well knows.

Our silicone products are made only from 100% PLATINUM-CURED SILICONE which conforms to EU standards. The silicone manufacturing process employs platinum, a noble metal, as a primary catalyst, ensuring the end material is of excellent quality, suitable for contact with food, completely non-toxic, odourless, flavourless and safeat very high temperatures.

This choice allows us to deliver extremely high product performance which guarantees our customers safe, hard-wearing items.