Customization: we can meet any kind of request

Pavoni Italia is distinguished by its extreme versatility in managing special customer requests.

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It is also available the versioning of the containers in terms of colour and brand. Our production, although equipped with the most advanced machinery, still has a “handmade” approach to its customers, and we are very proud of this!

Two are the ways to apply brands onto Pavoni’s crates:

Hot Printing

hot printing

A machine with automatic piston prints your name or logo on one or more sides of the container arranged for this operation by mean of a coloured film which, entering between the basket and the clichè, at the end of the pressure the brand is perfectly fixed on the container


Mould Printing

mould printing

Used only in case of big quantities, this personalization is moulded simultaneously with the moulding of the container. The mark is only engraved or relieved and on the same colour of the container. On the space reserved to the printing you can write: trend mark, logo, address and various draws.