For 40 years, companies have been using our containers for their operations. Four decades of innovation and experience in the containers marketplace. We started out in the bakery sector and moved on to industry. A dedicated division engages in design and production of polyethylene and polypropylene containers, while providing personalized and custom-made solutions not only for the products as such but also for the manufacturing process in its entirety.

Our work takes us from drawings to delivery.All details and particulars are looked into in order to meet your specific needs.

6,000 articles, 20,500 m2 premises and 15,000 customers worldwide. We owe the rise in figures to the work put into internationalizing our outreach, and into innovation and our policy of enhancing human resources – while always paying attention to the needs of our customer base. Customers can rest assured that their orders shall be fully customized, and that the products that they have ordered shall be well made, of excellence and with an optimal quality-price ratio.

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