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Pavoni Italia: we're up and running


Dear Customers, Suppliers and Partners,
The present situation has required extraordinary sacrifices and measures.

At Pavoni Italia we have always been guided and supported by our values. The Courage and the Commitment to go beyond the numbers. The Clarity and the Consistency to do what we love so well.

We have been doing our part voluntarily and promptly since the 11th March. We have stayed at home and put everyone’s health before any other interest.

Today our production, logistics and offices are reopening. We have organised ourselves in accordance with the regulations and with great common sense so as to protect the health of those who work with us.

In particular:

• In addition to the health and hygiene measures already in force at our office, we have adhered to the recommendations of the competent authorities and equipped all the employees with the prescribed protective devices. We also keep our employees constantly informed and trained on the topic and the measures to take in daily work.

• For the delivery or collection of goods, all couriers and carriers must be equipped with the protective devices provided by the Ministry of Health.

• We have suspended the meetings that can be procrastinated with customers and partners at our headquarters, in Italy and abroad.

• For meetings we adopt remote connection methods or alternatively we respect the criterion of distance droplet.

• Access to common areas or areas intended for catering is regulated by programming the number of simultaneous accesses or by respecting the droplet distance criterion.

• Where possible we work in smart working mode.

• For the production and logistics departments we work with shifts that guarantee the service to our customers in a safe manner and respecting the recommended distances.

Together we will find all the determination and strength necessary for recovery.

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