Containers in polyethylene Serie BL

Outside dimension mm 105x167x82
Inside dimension mm 90x140x73
Liters 1
Load kg 3
Handing load kg 3
Colour Blue
Out of stock

The BL series is made up of sturdy storage containers in polyethylene. The series’ angled open-mouth form facilitates access to the objects inside. These readily stackable pieces are durable and resistant against many types of oils, greases, acids and solvent substances, and against extreme temperatures (from -40°C t +80°C). The vertical reinforcing elements on the sides and back prevent the deformation of the item also when subjected to heavy loads.

This ergonomic line includes front and back hand grip. BL series containers may be suspended on mobile racks or shelved, thanks to the edge included for this purpose. Space is provided for a label, facilitating identification.