Because they are tailored to the various needs of the mechanical, chemicals, food, textiles, logistical, automotive and transport sectors, to name but a few, our containers provide smart solutions for all logistical applications. The customization measures that we provide include branding, with mould and hot printing, and a full range of colours, dimensions and shapes available for the containers. These solutions may be applied throughout the chain. Palletization, transport and delivery may be structured made-to-measure, with excellent lead times.


The containers are presented with one standard colour. However, other colour solutions may be chosen at will.


An automatic piston machine heat stamps your logo or trade mark on one or more sides of the container. A coloured film is inserted between the container and the brand cliché. The film is perfectly fixed onto the basket to represent with absolute precision the stamped element.


This process is indicated for large quantities. This type of customization process takes place during the moulding of the container itself. The brand, or any wording or lettering decided upon, is relieved or engraved using the same colour as that of the container being processed.

Learn more by discovering ours product legend and coding.
Find out about ours funds and coding of europe containers.


Containers in polyethylene and polypropylene for industry, logistics, the automotive sector and the foods sector, to name but a few.


The load pallets used are stackable, nesting, sturdy and lightweight. They are readily cleanable for perfect hygiene.


Thermal containers with optimal performance ratings for insulated transport of hot and cold foods.
Heat drop < 1° C/h.


Sturdy and ecological (indispensable in all sectors, for correct waste organization).


High-resistance containers for dough. The edges are rounded; the corners are reinforced; and the sides are smooth and readily cleanable. Available with wheels and special trolleys for tipping over.

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