Perfect glazing with no waste.

Fast and practical, Glass-ice uniformly and evenly ices products, avoids wasting raw materials, maximises efficiency, and reduces preparation times.

Glass-ice features a large container you can fill with chocolate, sugar, fondant and much more.

It is easy to use. With a simple gesture of the hand it can ice 100 mini-pastries in just 15 seconds.

The tray underneath recovers the product dispensed, and the wide working base can accommodate the most varied shapes and sizes for icing.

You can ice with different colours without having to clean the machine every time the product is changed and, once the product has been sprayed, further decorations can be made without having to remove the products from the machine.

Weight: 700 Kg

Dimension: 400 x 400 x 420 h mm

Electrical power:  700 Watt

Elecrtrical voltage: 220/240 - 50 (on demand 110 - 60) Volt - Hz

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