Artistic sugar lamp

Completely stainless steel made, provided with drawervfor tools, power variator and two porcelained resistances.

Dimension: 640  x 420 x 420 h mm

Weight: 5 Kg

Electrical power: 800 Watt

Electrical voltage: 230 Volt

Working plan: 600 x 400 mm

Artistic sugar lamp accessories (sold separately):
- CANNELLO torch with automatic ignition
- POMPETTA pump with copper terminal
- BAZ stainless steel bottle with alcool wick
- RG1 holder for sugar thermometer
- CARAMELLOMETRO sugar thermometer with housing

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Completely st. steel made, provided with drawer for tools, power converter and nr. 2 glazed resistances. Picture description:1) LAMP2) Torch with automatic ignition3) Pump with copper end4) St.steel bottle with alcool wick5) Copper bowl6) Holder for thermometer7) Thermometer with housing

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