Stackable Termobox for Gastronorm 1/1 holding

External dimensions mm 600x400x316
Internal dimensions mm 538x338x254
Unit weight kg 1,13
Liters 43
Color Black
Out of stock

Stackable Top loader Termobox for Gastronorm 1/1 holding. Unique design allows inter-stacking, saving 30% storage space. Lightweight, made of EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) – an eco-friendly high performance foam material.Great Structural Strength, capable of handling significant loads while maintaining its shape and form.Chemically Inert, unaffected by oil, grease and most chemicals.Excellent Energy Absorption, can withstand substantial impact without damage. Dishwasher safe.Safe for food contact.

100% Recyclable.

LEASY LOADING AND UNLOADING: Interior wall recesses make loading and unloading easy for both GN 1/1 as well as 1/2 pans.

EASY IDENTIFICATION: A built-in label area keeps plastic menu tags in place for easy contentidentification.

ERGONOMIC HANDLES: Comfortable handles allow easy and safe lifting of the Termobox.

STACKABILITY: Termobox inter-stack and also stack with other major EPP brands.

Note: Best results will be achieved by loading food pans between 82˚C to 88˚C. Loading metal food pans over 120˚C will result in damage to the box.

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