Perfect cuts and portioning, faster.

Automatic Lira is a semi-automatic electric cutter which performs fast and perfect cuts that will save you time and avoid product waste.

It is ideal for cutting any hard or frozen product (even those containing almonds, hazelnuts and dried fruit in general) and perfect for cutting cremini, hazelnut chocolates, soft nougat, ganaches and small pastries.

The cutting base has adjustable feeding speed with push-button operation and is entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

The base is easily removable for immediate cleaning and is dishwasher safe. Its cutting capacity allows the portioning of products up to 6 cm high and frozen down to -15 °C.

Weight: 50 Kg

Electrical power: 180 Watt

Electrical voltage: 220/240 - 50/60 /  on demand 110 - 50/60

Size cutting framework: 400x400x60 h

Dimension: 970 x 340 x 500 mm

 2 year warranty

Compose your LIRA with the wide range of cutting frames (sold separately)

Tray and spatula included

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