Advanced technology for a perfect dose every time.

Dosiplus Pro is designed to dose different mixes.

The new intuitive and functional interface allows you to easily set the programming and choose from 25 dispensing speeds, thanks to an even more powerful and quieter electric motor.

The reverse function has 5 adjustment parameters with anti-drip protection to reduce waste as much as possible.

The accessory hoppers with rubber lobes allow for perfect dispensing of delicate products containing solid parts.

With Dosiplus Pro it is possible to dose, inject, spread and distribute liquid batters, butter, creamy cheeses, cream and custards, as well as hazelnut pastes, fruit fillings, honey, jams, sauces, peanut butter, preserves, puddings, yoghurt and much more.

Programming details:

  • A Auotomatic work cycle
  • M Manual work cycle
  • C Continuous work cycle
  • V Speed adjustment
  • R Reverse adjustment

Base dimensions: 420 x 320 x 320 mm

Weight: 17 Kg 

Electrical power: 250 Watt

Electrical voltage: 220/240 - 50/60 (Volt-Hz)

2 year warranty

(the code DOSIPLUSPRO corresponds to the base)

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