Mould dim. 400 x 300 mm

20 indents - dim. Ø 60 x h 35 mm

vol. 65 ml

It can be combined with XF7020

The Cédric Grolet for Pavoni line proposes, for each of the 3 subjects - lemon, hazelnut and chestnuts - a kit of silicone moulds able to realize different types of creations:

- 20 fingerprint silicone mould for the creation of mono-tart

- 8 fingerprint silicone double mould for the realization of 3D single portions able to reproduce each subject in its entirety

- silicone mould for cakes.

Each silicone mould has been studied with small variations, small details that will give the finished product a wholly original, authentic and real feature.

Discover the Cédric Grolet for Pavoni line.

Cédric Grolet was elected "The World's Best Pastry Chef 2018".

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