About us

Pavonidea means practicality and convenience, design and functionality in the kitchen. For 15 years Pavonidea products have been making food preparation even more satisfying, thanks to a wide range of utensils and silicone moulds with original and modern shapes, or with a classic and elegant style. Many fun shapes and colours allow grown-ups and children to discover the thrill of cooking at home and experimenting with new recipes.


Pala e coltello

Pavonidea is a brand of Pavoni Italia SpA, a company founded in 1980 according to an idea connected with the Italian market of utensils for the confectionery and bread-making sectors, which today is a major player on the Italian and international markets in the bread-making and catering sectors. The historic activity of the company laid the foundations for growth and innovation through the creation of the Pavonidea brand for the home sector. The expertise developed in the professional sector let us discover new techniques and utensils to introduce to traditional cuisine in order to prepare extraordinary recipes easily and quickly, stimulating new creative ideas to prepare unique dishes in which shapes and colours become a real treat for eye and palate.

The modern evolution of confectionery won everybody over with incredible 3D cakes, decorated cupcakes and macarons for every occasion. This is how the art of decorating desserts, using sugar paste, royal icing and modelling chocolate, has become a trend in the last decade. Like every artist, the cake designer too needs the right utensils to excel at their work. The Special Day line was created in 2011 to face this challenge. It is dedicated to Cake Design and today it includes more than 500 items. 

Silicone moulds and kitchen utensils to simplify your work. 

15 years of quality and design, of practical and functional items and of many easy and quick recipes conceived and developed for you by Pavonidea. And to help you amaze your guests and share special moments, try “Bake it”, a cooking blog with a selection of the best recipes to transform your daily routine into unique moments with your family. Whether it's a first anniversary or fiftieth birthday, Mother's Day or your breakfast, or you just want to make something special, we have decided to share all these moments with you.   The search for new experiences and focus on quality are the reasons why Pavonidea products are sold in more than 40 countries all over the world. Our wide range of kitchen utensils and silicone moulds is conceived to suit the needs of different culinary cultures around the world. Universal, practical and functional products which provide appropriate assistance for preparing tasty dishes in an easy and fun way. Share the pleasure of cooking at home with Pavonidea utensils