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Pavoni is the official sponsor of the most important centers for the formation and development of the Food Culture, facilities which preserve the tradition, but at the same time promote creativity, meeting the updated requirements of the professional and satisfying the interests of the fans.

On one side the cooking schools where they were born the most successful catering professionals and have trained Pastry World Champions; on the other side Pavoni, dynamic company always attentive to the taste and excellence. The result is an established combination, the progress side by side, thanks to a report also made of passion and courage.

""We have always felt and we want to collaborate with avant-garde realities, which preserve tradition and together promote the new. We are honored to stand side by side with excellent professionals and contribute to opening up the knowledge of great confectionery to young people." Corinna Raineri Pavoni

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Pavoni, which is one of the founders, supports technical sponsorship since the birth of CAST Alimenti in 1996, the unique school in Italy to offer specific courses for all food experts. CAST Alimenti is aimed at young people as well as to professionals, providing them with the best teachers and the most appropriate instruments to combine the status, the knowledge and the know-how. CAST Alimenti is also training the teams participating in international competitions in the taste crafts.