Set Descending Direction

Spoon oyster, pistachio and cherry

Vincent Vallée

Edelweiss with Piedmont hazelnuts

Pavoni Italia at Intergastra 2020

How to use thermoformed mould

How to use for chocolate subjects, all the steps to easily get original decorations for a wow result.

How to use cookmatic

How to use Cookmatic to create perfect tartelletes; Antonio Bachour explains us step by step ho w to obtain an impeccable result.

How to use Lira automatica cutting machine

The ideal tool for cutting pralines, hard foods and frozen products.

How to use gourmand gg06 by Paolo Griffa

Poulet Alliance, a delicate dish that involves the use of the "Gourmand" GG06.

How to use gourmand gg05 by Paolo Griffa

Risotto con piselli e mortadella, un raffinato piatto che prevede l’utilizzo dello stampo “Gourmand” GG05.