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Pavoni Italia wants to dedicate a wide space in this section to those excellent Chefs who use our products to create fantastic recipes and share their most renowed works.

Nicolas Bacheyre

For Bacheyre, nothing unnecessary. Everything on the cake must remember the composition of the pastry and be 100 % edible and 100 % useful.

Daniel Roos

Daniel Roos is a renowned Swedish pastry chef. He made the dessert for the Crown Princess's wedding and has been responsible for the dessert at the Nobel Prize winners gala dinner since 2014

Franco Aliberti

In 2018 he begins the adventure in Milan as Executive Chef of the Tre Cristi restaurant, where the menu proposal is characterized by its zero waste approach, with an eco-sustainable cuisine.

Felix Lo Basso

There is all about Italy in Felix Lo Basso’s style and his Michelin-starred restaurant. From his kitchen and from Pavoni Italia’s concepts, there are plenty of ideas for garnishing and customising your creations.

Emmanuele Forcone

Art with chocolate and sugar is a passion for me, almost to the point of being a disorder - I would say. Eventually, chocolate has more business-related implications, but also the sugar processing has been growing much recently and gives me great satisfac

Gianluca Fusto

Gianluca Fusto, born in Milan in 1975, is one of 15 technical-teachers who represents worldwide the company Valrhona - the most important company for the production of chocolate.

Karim Bourgi

Born in Senegal of Lebanese parents, Karim Bourgi moved to Paris at the age of 16.

Fabrizio Fiorani

Roman Pastry Chef Fabrizio Fiorani (1986) got his start in the industry at 14, working at one of the city’s artisan gelato shops.

Luigi Biasetto

Captain of the team who gave to Italy the World Pastry Cup in 1997, he is co-author of an important and unique book upon decorations and monumental cakes, MONUMENTA, a Pavoni edition.