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Pavoni Italia wants to dedicate a wide space in this section to those excellent Chefs who use our products to create fantastic recipes and share their most renowed works.

Luigi Biasetto

Captain of the team who gave to Italy the World Pastry Cup in 1997, he is co-author of an important and unique book upon decorations and monumental cakes, MONUMENTA, a Pavoni edition.

Frederic Bourse

Frederic Bourse was born in Tours, France, where his great passion for cooking and pastry making developed after getting his diploma at the Tours pastry and catering school.

Gabriele Bozio

The technique in pastry has no secrets for him, bringing him to become chief operating officer of Cast Alimenti, the most famous pastry school in Italy, an institution that Pavoni is supporting since its foundation.

Paolo Griffa

Paolo Griffa is considered one of the most promising young Italian chefs. Estimated by the great food and wine journalists, curious to follow his growth, he is also loved by the great Italian audience for its numerous appearances in successful TV shows.

Chicco Coria

The taste of research in the equilibrium of tastes, in matching different foods, in the high quality raw material, in the proposal to whom wants something more. This is the adding value of Chicco Coria's art.

Davide Oldani

Davide Oldani, the creator of Cucina POP - high quality and accessibility - opened his restaurant D'O, in 2003, in his hometown of Cornaredo, near Milan.

Dimitrios Makriniotis

Dimitrios Makriniotis pursued his studies at international pastry schools of high standing as; École Bellouet Conseil, École Professionnelle Lenôtre, L’École du Grand Chocolat Valrhona, École de Pâtisserie de Stéphane Glacier, École Chef d’Oeuvre.

Luca Arguelles

Luca Arguelles, Portuguese, is a young professional pastry chef with 16 years of experience in hospitality business all around the world.

Jason Licker

A formerly rotund child raised in American supermarket candy aisles, Chef Jason Licker channelled a time of tragedy in his youth into a beautiful catharsis by dedicating himself to a lifelong love of pastry.