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Pavoni Italia wants to dedicate a wide space in this section to those excellent Chefs who use our products to create fantastic recipes and share their most renowed works.

Luca Lacalamita

Luca Lacalamita, class 1985, has a series of incredible working experiences for his age, and since 2011 he is working at Enoteca Pinchiorri Florence.

Federico Rottigni

27 years old, Federico Rottigni's career in the pastry world started by chance: thanks to a conversation with Master Gualtiero Marchesi, he started working as an apprentice for Ernst Knam where he learned and fell in love for the foundamentals of pastry.

Omar Busi

Since 2011 he is ambassador Pavoni for the Cake Design dedicated product line with advice on the development of new products and active participation in demonstrations around the world, from Dubai to the Far East.

Leonardo di Carlo

Passion, humility and…dream! This is Leonardo Di Carlo. Di Carlo stars very soon to passionate for pastry art by working at his parents' pastry laboratory.

Davide Comaschi

Today, as the director of the Chocolate Academy™ Center Milan, Davide takes care of all of the didactic proposes and he also teachs in some of the chocolate and pastry courses.

Mattia Cortinovis

Mattia Cortinovis's life has always been connected to the pastry world. His parents opened a pastry shop when he was just a child and, while attending to artistic high school in Bergamo, Mattia started working with his father in the laboratory.

Iginio Massari

Iginio Massari is worldwide considered a star in the Italian pastry arena.

Armando Palmieri

Armando Palmieri, Neapolitan globe-trotter pastry chef, after graduating in Conservation of cultural assets, decides to change his life, following his passion for cooking and pastry-making.

Stefano Laghi

Very talented pastry chef and chocolatier, Stefano Laghi won several national and international competitions, including twice the World Championship of Pastry and Cuisine in Basel, Switzerland in 1993 and 1994, and in 1994 in Luxembourg.