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Pavoni Italia wants to dedicate a wide space in this section to those excellent Chefs who use our products to create fantastic recipes and share their most renowed works.

Giuseppe Manilia

From self-taught to winner of the Pavoni Trophy as Best Pastry Chef of the year 2017 within the AMPI circuit of the Italian Pasticcieri Masters Academy.

Loretta Fanella

From the dreams of a girl becoming a fashion designer at the coronation as Best Chef Pasticcera d'Italia.

Cecile Farkas Moritel

Trainer, designer and international consultant in pastry.

Rhian Shellshear

At the age of 19 started out originally training as a chef, which lead him through the illustrious life working with in the fine dining scenes of the kitchens, not knowing as most chef’s where this world would eventually take him.

Natalie Eng

Having graduated from École Grégoire Ferrandi in 2012 and trained under the world renowned Cédric Grolet of the Hôtel Le Meurice in Paris at the tender age of 21, Natalie Eng is one of the most promising young pastry chef in Singapore who is loved and fol

Paco Torreblanca

Born in Alicante, Chef Paco Torreblanca is considered by many to be the driving force behind pâtisserie in haute cuisine.

Vinesh Johny

After graduating from Christ College with a BHM degree in 2010, he went on to work with The Oberoi Group of Hotels and Starwood Hotels & Resorts in various capacities, before he found his calling to be an educator.

Giuseppe Amato

Cédric Grolet

Cédric Grolet, Chef Pâtissier, born in 1985 in Firminy, pastry chef since the age of thirteen, arrived in Paris in 2006 to work firstly in Fauchon and then, in 2011, in the luxury hotel Le Meurice, under Alain Ducasse.