For the mezze penne

With the help of a potato peeler, clean the outside of the stems from the filaments.

Cut them diagonally so they look like mezze penne.

Cook the courgette leaves in salted water for about 3 minutes, then cut them thin.

For the courgette cream

Gently fry the shallots in a pan with the oil.

Add the courgettes cut into rounds, pour in ice or cold water, and cook over medium heat until they’re cooked and the water evaporated.

Blend with oil, salt and pepper.

For the Coral wafer

Blend the pre-cooked red turnip with egg whites.

Make the butter creamy and incorporate the flour alternating with the rest.

Finish by adding salt.

Cool in the fridge for an hour.

Spread in the Coral mould and bake in the oven at 165°C for about 6 minutes.

Remove before it gets cold and give it the round shape with a small hemisphere.

Preparation of the dish

Cook the mezze penne in salted water for 2 minutes.

Cook them in a pan with the leaves and courgette cream for 2 minutes more.

Complete with Coral wafers.