Bocuse d'or, the chefs' world championship


The Bocuse d'Or is the most important international chefs' contest, followed as the Olympic Games in the world of cooking. It is held every two years in Lyon: 24 of the brightest chefs from all over the world face to win the title of meilleur cuisinier du monde and the famous golden statuette. Alba will host the Italian selection this Sunday, followed by the continental one and finally the 2019 final. Four young Italian chefs will be playing in Italy on Sunday in Alba, among them the Piedmontese Paolo Griffa, a former student of Davide Scabin at Combal.Zero of Rivoli who now works at Restaurant Serge Vieira in Chaudes-Aigues, long time collaborator with Pavoni. It was together with Paolo that Pavoni designed its horeca line of moulds #Gourmand. So we were immediately excited and honored to be able to support him in this path of training and exchange of the gastronomic sciences. A skilled team to support Paolo that has involved so many companies and many masters and experienced chefs: Coach Cristian Broglia, mentors like Emmanuele Forcone as technical engineer, Igles Corelli for his technical knowledge of meat and cooking, Pino Cuttaia for the research of the product and its Mediterranean and clean taste, Guido Mori for his chemical knowledge and scientific technical coach, Marco Sacco for his organization and placement of working spaces, Cristina Bowerman for his knowledge of technologies and working techniques, Serge Vieira expert in competition and esthetics. In Alba there will be a jury of about thirty chefs, all Michelin starred, from every part of Italy to decide the winner. A Jury that will be chaired by Enrico Crippa, the "three stars" chef in the restaurant Piazza Duomo of Alba. The same Crippa will then chair the Academy that will train the winner for the Turin European final.

Go Go Go #teamgriffa !!!

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