One Restaurant


The taste of research in the equilibrium of tastes, in matching different foods, in the high quality raw material, in the proposal to whom wants something more. This is the adding value of Chicco Coria's art. The curiosity and ability to renew himself, by accepting new challenges are on the basis of a culinary art which is able to meet all clients' requests. Also for vegan and celiac people can meets tasteful plates in his kitchen, all of them particularly rich in quality and savour. Head Chef of the Italian National cooks for six consecutive years, European champion in 2002 with the national team of cooks in Salzburg with individual gold medal and first place overall team, identical result at Intergastra Stuttgart in 2004. He has publications on the preparation of the buffet, the food-beer pairings, cheese and high vegan cuisine. Located inside the brand new One Hotel in Dalmine, the restaurant signed Chicco Coria is its new born, the youngest, a few kilometers from the Pavoni headquarters. For us he has made three savory dishes with our Quenelle molds.