Coconut flower Frank Haasnoot



Whisk the egg white and add the sugar little by little to have a thick meringue. Add delicately with a spatula the icing sugar to have a smooth texture. For the bottom part of the dessert, pipe merengue in PX001 silicone mould of 6 cm and scoop out the meringue to create a shell, and dry at 80°C overnight. For the top part, pipe small dots of meringue on a tray with silicone mat and place another silicone mat on top to make is flat and thin, dry overnight at 80°C.

Lemon crumble

Bring the butter at room temperature and mix with sugar and lemon zest. Sift all the dry ingredients (flour, almond powder). Mix the sifted dry into the butter sugar mixture. Chill the dough till hard. Grade it with a cooling rack and freeze. Bake at 160°C for 30 min.

Malibu whip ganache

Boil 1/4 of the cream, glucose and dissolve the gelatin mix. make a ganache with the white chocolate. Add the rest of the cream by using a handblender and add the Malibù. Leave overnight and whip till the right consistency.

Coconut lime sorbet

Mix the sugar and the stabilzer Stab 2000 together. In a saucepan, heat the milk around 40°C and add the mix of sugar and Stab 2000 little by little with a whisk. Bring to the boil all. Pour the mix on the Coconut puree, lime puree and the lime zest. Leave to cold down.

Citrus compote

Chop the lemon melisse and mix all other ingredients.

Assembly and finishing

Pour the citrus compote into the merengue shell, place a quenelle of the lime sorbet in the middle. Place some lemon crumble on top of the sorbet a pipe the Malibù cream on top. By hand place the merengue into the cream flower, dust the flower with coconut powder and some silver glitter. Decorate the plate with coconut powder and graded coconut.