Miglior pasticcere dell'anno 2017 AMPI


From self-taught to winner of the Pavoni Trophy as Best Pastry Chef of the year 2017 within the AMPI circuit of the Italian Pasticcieri Masters Academy. His beginnings follow the tradition, but not completely satisfied, after a long search, revolutionizes his approach by creating a new way of conceiving modern pastry. The will is to put the utmost care in both presentation and tastes, always sought after and unexpected. So much time dedicated to experimentation and inspiration, like the one that gave life to the "Rosemary" collection dedicated to his daughter, the result of two years of work. Each creation, before being proposed to the public, is subjected to a mix of studies and tests of at least eight months. Among the ingredients most used by him are chocolate, followed by fruit and vanilla, and specifically both vanilla from Tahiti and Madagascar. In 2018 he has been awarded at SantaRosa Cup, winning with a Pavoni Italia mold for his creation.