Whipped yuzu ganache

bring half the cream to the boil, then add the gelatine. Pour a bit at a time over the chocolate and emulsify. Add the other half of the cream and lastly the yuzu purée. Mix well to obtain the perfect blend, then store in the refrigerator.

Meyer Lemons in syrup

remove the stalks, cut into 8 pieces, remove the inner part of the lemon, leaving behind 3 mm of pulp. Blanch three times in water (beginning with cold water). Boil the syrup, add the fruit, cover and simmer at no higher than 70°C. Add small amounts at a time of sugar 2 to make the syrup more concentrated. When soft, lift out the fruit, and cook the syrup at 103°C. Cool the syrup, add the fruit again and store them.

Lemon marmalade filling

heat up the lemon juice, then add the sugar and agar agar mixture. Boil for 2 minutes, then cool rapidly. Once the mixture has cooled down, blend in a thermomix, taking care not to incorporate air. Add the chopped mint, citrus caviar and finely chopped preserved lemons. Pour into spherical moulds with a diameter of 3.5 cm AF003. Freeze

Yellow lemon coating

heat the Ivoire white chocolate couverture with the cocoa butter, then mix in the yellow colouring. Work with the coating at a temperature of about 25°C.

Gold solution for airbrush

Mix the ingredients together, filter and fill the airbrush container.


Place the ganache and the filling into the AF006 lemon mould. Freeze. Dip the lemon into the yellow coating, then “glue” it partially onto a tray with the almond paste. Using the same coating, create a velvety surface, making smooth marks to give it an irregular effect. Pour a small amount of hot plain coating. Using the airbrush, cover with gold solution. *Be very careful to ensure there is no ice or condensation between the dipped layer and the velvety layer.