Cortinovis pastry shop


Mattia Cortinovis's life has always been connected to the pastry world. His parents opened a pastry shop when he was just a child and, while attending to artistic high school in Bergamo, Mattia started working with his father in the laboratory. In 2014 he partecipated to his first italian juniores championship in Sigep, reaching the second place. One year after, Mattia tried again the same competition conquering the first place. In 2017 he reached the second place to the world juniores championship in Sigep. While training for these competitions, Mattia always worked at his parents pastry shop (Cortinovis pastry shop) in Bergamo. He also collaborates with Rai2 in the tv program "Detto Fatto", where he prepares simple desserts for an unprofessional audience.