Mini Dada pear and cinnamon


Put 2 sheets of gelatine into cold water. Boil 250 ml of milk. Add the soaked and melted gelatine into the hot milk. Pour the hot mixture over 45 gr of white chocolate ‘Edelweiss ICAM’. Mix and stir until the ganache becomes smooth. Wait until it cools down to 27oC. Whip the 45 gr 35% heavy cream until reaching a yoghurt-like texture.

Fold in the whipped cream with the ganache using a ‘Maryse’ pastry spatula. Fill in the half of Pavoni’s mould with the mixture. With a piping bag, put a small amount of variegato Pear BABBI in the center. Shock freeze for few minutes. Then, fill in the whole mould with the remaining mousse mixture. Put the moulds to the shock freezer.


Make a ganache with these ingredients. Mix in the feuilletine, in fluffy way. Spread the resulting mixture into a squared tray, smoothing the surface with a spatula and using a straight edge. Leave to cool and settle down. Cut into pieces at appropriate sizes.

ICING (Glaçage)

Mix the ingredients and melt the mixture over a bain-marie. Take out the frozen gateaux from their moulds and dip them into this melted glaçage.