Born in Alicante, Chef Paco Torreblanca is considered by many to be the driving force behind pâtisserie in haute cuisine. Chef Torreblanca searches for balance not only in flavour but also in textures of the different elements involved, with combinations of soft, spongy, crisp and others, to surprise and stimulate the palate. When asked about the secret to a perfect sweet, Chef Torreblanca does not hesitate. "Always the raw materials. I've been called a creator of aesthetics, but I prefer to create flavour. The appearance is certainly important, but what really counts is flavour". Chef Torreblanca has been the recipient of numerous accolades, including the Great Prize of the GastronomicAcademy in 2006 and Best Pastry in Restaurant dessert of Spain in 2004. He is the principal of the Escuela Torreblanca in ALICANTE (Sponsored by PAVONI ITALIA) and a member of the International Association Relais Dessert.