Temper the melted chocolate. Ensure that the moulds are at ambient temperature.


Polish the mold Pavoni Bonbons PC41 with cotton wool. Melt the cocoa butter in a small saucepan and add the sieved oil based color. Emulsify it together with a hand blender and then sieve the mixture. Cool to 31°C/ 89F. Using a firm brush, dip it in the red, yellow, green and black cocoa butter and flick it over each mold to create a splattered pattern. Scrape the top of the mold with a metal scraper to remove the excess cocoa butter. Spray the surface of the mold evenly with the white cocoa butter. Clean the top surface of the mold with paper towel before the cocoa butter completely sets.


Bring invert sugar, dextrose and purees to a boil in a small pot. Pour over chocolate and mix with the rubber spatula. Mix with a hand blender to emulsify. Pipe the ganache into the mold at 27C.


Fill the mould with tempered chocolate. Tilt the mould and scrape the excess chocolate from the surface and edges of the mould with the scraper. Firmly shake the moulds on the surface of marble or the worktop to release any air bubbles. Turn the mold upside down over a melting tank or onto a sheet of baking paper and tap with the handle of the scraper. Remove the remnants of chocolate from the surface and edges of the mould using the triangular spatula. Drain the mould by tapping it for 5 minutes on the paper and put it in the fridge for 5 min.

Scrape the remnants of chocolate from the surface of the mould using the triangular spatula and leave to harden for a few minutes in the fridge. The moulds are then ready to be filled. Fill them with ganache. You should use a piping bag. Fill them to within 2 mm of the edge, taking care to leave sufficient room to insert the closure. Ensure that the ganache is not too hot (max. 26°C/ 78F). Once filling has been done, leave to harden at 17°C/ 63F for a minimum of 4 hours. To close the bonbons: heat the surface of the mould very briefly using a hot air gun. Then spread a small amount of tempered chocolate. Leave to crystallize.

To remove from the mould, turn the mould over.