Ricetta Spoon Sfogliatella



Work the ricotta with the sugar, salt, orange zest and custard, add the semi-whipped cream leaving a small part to dissolve the gelatine, incorporate the gelatine heated to 35 ° C, mix quickly and sput into the PX4377S sfogliatella mould.


Mix the first 5 ingredients, add egg yolks and sugar, working the mixture as little as possible. Spread between 2 SPV64 mats at 1mm and freeze. Cut with the pastry cutter combined with the mould and cook for 8 minutes at 150 degrees on a Forosil64.


Mix the flour with the honey, the yeast and 60% of the eggs. When the dough is ready, gradually add the eggs, salt and finally the butter. Leave to rise for 30 minutes, pour into a pastry bag and dress in the AF003 silicone moulds and let rise again for 45 min. Cook at 180°C for 10-11 min. Put in the blastchiller and demould. Cut in half and reinsert into the mould.


Bring the first 6 ingredients to the boil, once cold, strain and add the rum. Pour the babas inside and leave until completely moistened.


Grate the lemon zest over the sugar, mix with the liquids and bring to 82°C in the microwave. When cooling and reaching 60°C pour over the butter and mix for 5 minutes. Strain and dress with the few inside the AF003 mould to fill the empty half. Demould and put the insert in the sfogliatella mould PX4377S.


Bring the first 3 ingredients to 110°C, in the mixer pour the other part of inverted sugar and the gelatin previously hydrated in cold water and melted in the microwave; add the syrup, lemon zest and mix. Incorporate the powders with the help of a spatula by sifting them on the mounted mixture, place in piping bag and dress strips on an SPV64 mat with cornstarch and icing sugar.


Place the mini puff pastry insert inside the chantilly cream and ricotta inside the PX4377S mould. Place in the blast chiller and demould. Place the sfogliatella on the cookie and decorate with a strip of marshmallow.