Namelaka raspberries

Bring the puree to a boil and dissolve the previously hydrated gelatin. Start emulsifying on the chocolate. Finish with the cold liquid cream. Pour into GG04 silicone molds. Freeze and de-mould.

Crunchy raspberries

Temper all ingredients and strain into GG004 silicone moulds.

Raspberry jelly

Bring to a boil and pour into special moulds GG004.

Raspberry sorbet

Mix the powders. Bring the water and the glucose to 40°C. Add the powders and cook up to 60°C. Cool, then for each liter of base, add 900 gr of puree, lemon juice, 100gr of water and 100gr of fresh raspberries. Mix and stir in the machine. Dress in PX4314 mold. Blast chill and demould.

Demould the three preparations and overlap them in the namelaka-crunchy-gelatin order. Dress the plate with raspberry coulis and the help of a spoon, recreating the splash that characterizes the dessert. Finish with an airbrushed chocolate decoration and a sorbet boule.