Wild strawberry and lemon curd tartlet


Reduce the pulp, beat the yolks with the milk, pour the pulp in the mixture and mix it all together. Pour the mixture in a basin and cook it at 84°C. Add the gelatin and leave it to cool until it's 24°C. Pour it in the french meringue and soften cream. Fill the Pavoni Formaflex FR047 mould with the mixture. Freeze and pull it out.


Bring to a boil the pulp and the icing. Add the gelatin and put it on the chinois. Leave to cool the icing. At 25°C glaze the mousse.


Mix the sugar with the eggs, add the cream, the flour, the lemon peel and the melted butter. Pour the mixture on the silicone SPV, bake at 165°C 80% humidity for 10 minutes. Once chilled, cut a disk to put it inside the cake.


Put everything in the thermo mixer at 100°C for 12 minutes (vapour method). Once baked, leave it to chill and then put it in the cake on the lemon tartlet.


Mix the butter and the sugar, add gradually the eggs - then the flour and the salt to make a dough. Leave to chill in the fridge for 1 hour. Unroll and cut a disk same as the tarte and put it in the mould. Bake it at 170°C 80% humidity for 15 minutes. Leave to chill before the assembly.


take the tart shell, put inside the lemon tarte disk on the bottom. Pour the lemon curd on the top and smooth it. Take the mousse from the mould and glaze it. Put softly the mousse on the tarte and add decorations as you like.