In a pan hot lemon juice with butter and sugar, add eggs separated from yolks and cook at 85°C. Add softened jelly, emulsify with the help of a mixer, cover with film and cool.


Hot half of the pulp, add sugars, softened jelly and mix to get a homogeneous compound. Add the second half of the pulp, merge into the mould and put in blast chiller at –40°C. Demould, create upon jelly a lemon card layer thickness 1 cm and let stabilize into blast chiller. Upon the card layer, put a disk of sponge cake 4 mm thick, previously wet with Maraschino punch. Keep in blast chiller.


Hot a part of strawberry pulp, melt into the jelly previously softened, add the remaining pulp, the acid citric and the strawberry jam. Incorporate the meringue and the whipped cream.


With the help of a sac à poche, fill with the parfait compound the Pavocake KE010/PK010 (if you want to prepare many cakes at the same time) for about the half of their height, insert the disk previously prepared, level with a spatula and complete with a meringue disk with cocoa grue. Put into the blast chiller at –40°C, demould and spray with Pavoni Dolce Velluto red DV1, decorate with Pavoni Chocofine and put in freezer at –18°C.