Lemon basil cremeux

Heat the green apple and lemon juice.

Combine together the egg and the sugar.

Cook the two mix together unitl it's boiling.

Strain direcctly the mix on the cocoa butter and gelatin mix.

Leave to cool down until 35° C.

Add the butter at room temperature in one shot and use the hand blender to mix well until it's totally smooth.

Lime confit

Heat the orange juice with the lime juice and lime zest.

Combine together the sugar and pectin, add when the liquid is still cold.

Bring to the boil all together during 1 min 30 sec.

Cool down in the fridge and blend with the handblender, mix with fresh lime segments 50/50.

Vanilla mascarpone mousse

Whip the sugar eggs till thick and plate.

Split and scrape the vanilla beans into the milk in a separate saucepan, simmer the milk and add the gelatin mix.

Add chocolate and reduce heat to 40° C.

On a separate bowl, whip the cream to soft peak and mix with softened mascarpone.

Combine the whipped egg yolk with the chocolate mixture then fold in the whipped cream.

Joconde biscuit

Wahisk egg whites with sugar (A) till stiff peak.

On a separate bowl, whisk eggs with sugar (B).

Mix the two carefully.

Add the sifted salt flour and starch.

Add the melted butter 70° C.


Bake the biscuit joconde at 190° C for 11 minutes and after it has cool down cut it out with a round cutter of 4.5 cm and pipe the lime confit on top and place into the freezer.

After the biscuit and confit is frozen pipe the chilled lemon basil cremeux on top.

Again place into the freezer.

Pipe the vanilla mousse inside the silicone mould Pavodecor PR002 and place the interior to the center and freeze all.

Demould the pastry and spray it with lifgt green cacao butter and decorate it like photo.