Chef Yuri Cestari

Never stop at the appearence, always reach the substance


For Yuri Cestari, love for the world of pastry was born in school. 

After several experiences in renowned pastry shops, it is from the meeting with Gabriele Bozio, Executive Manager of the school CAST Alimenti, that Yuri enters the dynamics of pastry with a new approach, that of the world of training, so that others after him can learn what, over the years, has succeeded in discovering this extraordinary world of craftsmanship.

Then a period with Stefano Laghi in his chocolate shop in Faenza, where Yuri stays for a year and delves into all the issues of the complex world of chocolate.

To move Yuri in this path is certainly the insatiable curiosity that nourishes towards research and discovery. In pastry and chocolate world you never stop learning, and this desire to discover Yuri has done the great reason for his talent.