The services that we provide are all 100% tailor-made, right from the design stage through to delivery. Our
standard mass produced pieces, too, must be agreed upon with you. For 40 years, we have been
manufacturing a full range of products for the pastry and horeca sector. Then comes our added value – i.e.
the idea we have of a service that will pinpoint technical solutions that tally with your specifications while
optimising the entire cycle, right up to delivery according to a jointly agreed timetable.

From idea to product as rapidly as possible, with maximum production efficiency and the advantages of
dealings on a ‘one-stop-shop’ basis. The engineering division finalises its feasibility study for product
development: machinery, diverse technical exigencies, and design and production cost.

Following careful analysis of the costs involved, plans are drawn up concerning the resources to be
deployed for production, accompanied by optimal outcomes, costs and timetables. The project proceeds
from production of the mould to production line tooling, on to manufacture of the finished product and
preparations for delivery as jointly agreed upon.