Multipurpose Termobox without rail

External dimensions mm 770x540x687
Internal dimensions mm 615x410x585
Unit weight kg 6,10
Liters 155
Color Black
Out of stock

Front loader Termobox without rail Multi-purpose, no molded-in rail bakery boxes are designed for transporting 60 x 40 cm crates filled with wrapped, prepackaged foods. This box can also be modified for versatility to include optional, stainless steel adjustable rails, KITADJR*, for transporting a combination of 60 x 40 cm crates, baking pans and trays all in the same box.*See AccessoriesLightweight, made of EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) – an eco-friendly high performance foam material.Great Structural Strength, capable of handling significant loads while maintaining its shape and form.Chemically Inert, unaffected by oil, grease and most chemicals.Excellent Energy Absorption, can withstand substantial impact without damage.Dishwasher safe.Safe for food contact.

100% Recyclable.

UNIQUE DESIGN: Compartment for cold chiller plate or hot plate is located on the inner backwall to prevent overhead condensation drips and to evenly distribute temperature throughout the box.

EASY IDENTIFICATION: A built-in label area keeps plastic menu tags in place for easy contentidentification.

4-SIDED HANDLING: Thoughtfully designed built-in handles along the top of the front loader units allow them to be easily carried from all four sides.

GENTLE OPEN AND CLOSE: Beveled door edges ensure door can be easily closed and latched.

FULL 270˚ ACCESS: Durable hinges and latches allow the door to open 270˚ and remain open securely to the side of the front loader for easy access to products. Latches keep door securely closed during transport.

STACKABILITY: Termobox inter-stack and also stack with other major EPP brands.

DRIP-RESISTANT: Built-in condensation barrier helps front loaders to remain drip-resistant.

Note: Best results will be achieved by loading food pans between 82˚C to 88˚C. Loading metal food pans over 120˚C will result in damage to the box.

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