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Funds and coding

The Europa series of containers presents many specialised solutions combining a variety of dimensions, sides, bottoms and specific accessories. Breathable transparent screen sides can be provided, enabling the passage of air and liquids. The bottom may be closed or perforated, while preventing, always, bending at the loading level. The bottom may be selected on the basis of weight, strength and ambits of use. Lids are available with or without hooks, to protect the goods against harm during transport and avoid soiling.
The handles included for handling purposes can be customized (hole handles, closed handles and various combinations of these, for optimal user-friendliness).

Smooth bottoms

The flat bottoms are ideal for ensuring low noise during handling by automated production and handling systems.


Perforated bottoms

The bottoms, featuring a variety of perforated screening solutions, enable the passage of air and liquids.
Bottoms D – F – H were designed to facilitate stacking for the Europa 400x300 mm series containers.
The F – G bottoms are ideal for containing small products.


Reinforced bottoms

Closed bottoms that are highly resistant to deformation. Bottom B is suitable for stacking 400x300 mm containers.


Europa Logictic and Europa Foldable series

Three typologies of closed bottoms:
smooth (FB), reinforced (RB) and sandwich (SB)
Ideal for silent handling on automated transport and handling systems (within the minimum threshold limits as set forth in the European regulations).


How to read Pavoni product code

Our product codes are “speaking” and are the result of a combination of different specifications (bottom, handles, sides and details).

Handles legend