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Industrial equipment

A complete range of polypropylene and polyethylene containers dedicated to food, automotive, logistics and large-scale retail trade.

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Our containers are the intelligent answer in every logistics application, because they are tailored to the different needs of the mechanical, chemical, food, textile, logistics, automotive, transport and many other sectors.

Our ranges

Plastic containers

Polyethylene and polypropylene containers for industry, logistics, automotive, food and much more.


Stackable and nestable loading pallets, resistant and light, easy to clean for perfect hygiene.


1° C/h.

Tanks and Boxes

High resistance dough containers. Rounded edges, reinforced corners and smooth walls for easy cleaning. Available with special wheels and trolleys for tipper.

Ecological containters

Robust and ecological, indispensable in every sector of use for the correct organization of waste.

All the products

Tailor-made solutions

Products tailored to your goals.

A completely personalized service, from design to delivery, and agreed with you even in series production.

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