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Tailor-made products

Products tailored to your objectives

The idea

Our engineering team listens to your specific requests and conducts a feasibility study.

The 3D model

The technical drawings and a 3D model are presented for the purposes of a genuinely tailor-made proposition.


A mould is produced, including (according to your requirements) the logo that you want to see impressed directly on the container.

Raw material

To attain the performance ratings agreed upon, the raw materials that we use are provided by the best international producers.

Injection moulding

The material is melted. When it reaches the required viscosity, it is injected into the mould and then cooled.


The manners of palletization of the finished product and of delivery are agreed upon with you.

Special projects

We do it your way.

Pavoni Italia is distinguished by its extreme versatility in managing special customer requests.

Display island

Foldable Europa crate

Nesting crate

Crate for hamburgers